Are not kind with bright color

Are not kind with bright color, candy color, pink is a good choice. Red on black, white, gray, like most: red is the most easy to collocation of white and black is also one of the most suitable for a method, strong color contrast, let red look more dazzling, fully highlighted the red glowing visual characteristics. Gray is a very good transition color, can let the red looks more deep, slightly to fit like the bag and clothes are the same as color with deep light depth collocation, can build a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit collocation of camel’s hair bag, on the other hand, the color of camel’s hair dress collocation dark brown bag

Yellow belongs to the warm color system

Yellow belongs to the warm color system, symbolizes warmth, showily, joy, warm, vigor and wayward, authority, lively, high  yellow for riches  low of yellow is the  of spring is the most ideal, suitable for summer use lightness in yellow, and deep yellow, is the main color and shape. Black skin is unfavorable to wear bright clothes, wear black, white, blackish green, red, silver grey. White skin is more casual. In addition to appropriate collocation, black, yellow, appropriate collocation are together, the inside is white, can match any outside, inside black, wear yellow or red outside. Wear a beige red inside, outside. Green dress blue shoes don’t look good. Green, it is hard to match with other color combination, not easily give a person feel old or vulgar. The simplest the most flattering way is the whole body wear a green, the fresh light green or composed of blackish green, can let you pure and fresh and lively. If collocation, white, black is the most ideal choice, silver can also.

Dyed clothing approximate crimson

Only for nobility to wear, and dyed clothing approximate crimson, also greatly affected by the monarch, at the time, to the kind of simple and clean design. Coat can match the black knitted cardigan or black suit coat of cultivate one’s morality, feet pants. Shoes with bright patent leather shoes, can try fei han edition is angry youth. If acceptable, with a decorative glasses will be better, orange and similar color of warm color, give a person the sense with hot; Green, blue is a cool color, give a person the sense with cold, green, purple is demitint. Choose warm color, summer choose cool color is to choose the principles of clothing color. Clothing color to use harmonic, the clothing will appear generous side. Choice of clothing color tips. Silk scarves with general there are four common methods: 1, plain coloured dress plain scarves. Can use the same as color contrast collocation method, such as the black dress with a neutral color silk scarves

person who is very alternative

person who is very alternative, you skin white, you’d better take the more darker colors!!!! But don’t buy the horizontal line of the clothes! Because this kind of clothes would give people it seems that the whole people like was transverse stretching! It will show you more fat! So you’d better wear a perpendicular line! Otherwise, just in that kind of pure, khaki is no use color, any color can be black, white, grey, green, blue, red… The color of the shoes collocation according to coat color depth. Dark clothing collocation dark shoes, black, brown light colors with light color White, gray, the color of camel’s hair Of course if it is red, blue shoes, depth color can match, purple represents the noble, often be with the color of the noble love. Because of the Roman empire teal man commonly used purple

Clothing pants on In a lilac suit

Clothing  pants on In a lilac suit, with pure white shirt, can yet be regarded as a successful match colors, can show ego adequately; Ivory white pants and light recreational unlined upper garment deserves to wear, is also a kind of successful combination, light turtleneck sweater and a white pencil pants, a pair of thick with boots on the 2. Long down jacket should be pretty thin ah, because red and black collocation is very classical, and show thin, black hat, scarf, shoes and so can choose black or brunet department, had better choose boots shoes, more handsome. 3. The inside of the clothes with a long, leggings and collocation, I personally think that white can make people look more white, if your skin is white, then some hair the color of the dark is better, such as black, brown, blonde, if your skin is darker, so the hair can light some, such as the sort of partial white gold, on the other hand

Clothing Are derived from the black

Clothing Are derived from the black and white collocation more classic, at the same time, black and white and red color, add a little to the classic, the overall look will be very good! If not white T-shirt and black trousers, these three kinds of color collocation is also very in tune by any other means. Collocation model: a black T-shirt + black watch The color of black and black..
The basic principles of dress collocation In general, with deep color, pale colour bottoms are not desirable, it will give a person top-heavy sense. If the coat is plaid or stripes, so the dress is best not to is the same pattern, and should be a single color. Conversely, if the skirt is a flower, so it should be plain shirts, personality match clothes basic skills white White bottoms matching stripes pale yellow coat, it is the best combination of soft colors; In ivory white