collocation of big color block white

should take its main tonal. In a lot of colour, the collocation of big color block white is white can match with any facial expression, but want to match is clever, also need to take a heart of mind. A pale yellow coat with stripes in white is the best combination of soft colors. In ivory white pants, wearing a lilac on suits, with pure white shirt, can yet be regarded as a kind of color matching of winning, but plenty said self scarf color matching based on the color of the clothes, the best there is a big color difference. This can foil the layering of clothing and scarf. For example, a light scarf with dark knitwear, a light knit sweater with a dark scarf, and so on. This kind of deep and shallow collocation can stand out.The basic principle of outfit collocation is generally speaking, top color is heavy, the color is shallow is not advisable, this can give a person the feeling of heavy weight. If the top is plaid or striped, then the skirt should not be of the same kind, but should be a single color. On the other hand, if the skirt is a flower, then it should be matched with a plain shirt.

while the three of the passion

The three-point dress shows the charm of the female, while the three of the passion are from the underwear to be more sexy and bold. It’s even sexier and more perfect than a bikini on the beach.
I’d like to have some loose washed jeans, but it’s best to have a light color. You can wear a shirt with a white T-shirt, simple, clean… I prefer simple things and I don’t know if I can help you. Ah, even if you go back counters will not give you a refund. No question they would say shoes no quality problem can’t let again your reasons will serve as the ornament of clothing color lipstick color, sometimes very moving. If dressed in black, red, bright and moving; Point rose red, enchanting mystery; Point to orange red, fresh jump. The color of the dress is often two kinds of more than two kinds of color combination, the lipstick color that matches with it

garment oppression made blood flow decreased

garment oppression made blood flow decreased, muscles get less nutrition, results in the decrease of muscle contraction ability. As a result, people who wear body shapers for a long time will find that the muscles and skin of the abdomen are becoming more and more relaxed after taking off the clothes.
This is due to wear tight underwear and bras corset methods such as surrounding breast meat into a place, make bosom restricted movement, so that affects normal breathing, especially the movement and feel short of breath is not running, cardiopulmonary function in severely restricted. In addition, squeeze cleavage adverse to the development of breasts and nipples, this is because the main function of the breast is produce lactate, feeding offspring, it is mainly composed of mammary gland, lactiferous duct, fat, blood vessels and lymphatic, if breast is external long-term mechanical compression, make the fiber bundle in the breast and breast duct pressure for a long time, not only affects the breast itself is beautiful, but also affects postpartum milk secretion and discharge, directly affect the nursing in the future.

posterior ratio is wider than the conventional

It is the shoulder belt, the side ratio, the posterior ratio is wider than the conventional one. It is better to collect, concentrate and upper upper body. It seems that the service life of the product is also slightly longer than the conventional ones, with the brands of cisschel, marmala, bea and leyte. These brands are good, comfortable, and the upper body is very good.
On the base of the ordinary bra, increase the width of the side ratio, the width of the chicken heart, increase the function of armpit and accessory milk, and the lower back u-shape cutting shoulder belt. In total gather bra than normal bra, wearing more comfortable, good solid, package, or through the love can I gather underwear is good, wear 2-3 years do not deformation, high cost performance.
Plastic-body clothes push the fat to the place that is not noticed