skirt should be a single color

skirt should be a single color, not one of the same kind. If the skirt is floral, go with a plain shirt. White can be tie-in with any color, but want to match clever, also need to expend one’s mind. A pale yellow coat with stripes on the white bottom is the best combination of pastel colors. Wearing ivory white trousers and a light purple suit with a pure white shirt, it is a successful color to show your personality. Ivory white trousers and light-colored blazer are a successful combination. White pleated skirt matchs flaxen sweater, give a person with gentle and elegant feeling. Red and white are bold combinations. Wearing a white blazer and a narrow red skirt, the upper body is warm and unrestrained. In sharp contrast, the heavier the white, the softer it looks
Colourful shirt should not be worn inside coat, especially woman. The effect would be much better if the floral shirts were