Clothing Are derived from the black

Clothing Are derived from the black and white collocation more classic, at the same time, black and white and red color, add a little to the classic, the overall look will be very good! If not white T-shirt and black trousers, these three kinds of color collocation is also very in tune by any other means. Collocation model: a black T-shirt + black watch The color of black and black..
The basic principles of dress collocation In general, with deep color, pale colour bottoms are not desirable, it will give a person top-heavy sense. If the coat is plaid or stripes, so the dress is best not to is the same pattern, and should be a single color. Conversely, if the skirt is a flower, so it should be plain shirts, personality match clothes basic skills white White bottoms matching stripes pale yellow coat, it is the best combination of soft colors; In ivory white