collocation of big color block white

should take its main tonal. In a lot of colour, the collocation of big color block white is white can match with any facial expression, but want to match is clever, also need to take a heart of mind. A pale yellow coat with stripes in white is the best combination of soft colors. In ivory white pants, wearing a lilac on suits, with pure white shirt, can yet be regarded as a kind of color matching of winning, but plenty said self scarf color matching based on the color of the clothes, the best there is a big color difference. This can foil the layering of clothing and scarf. For example, a light scarf with dark knitwear, a light knit sweater with a dark scarf, and so on. This kind of deep and shallow collocation can stand out.The basic principle of outfit collocation is generally speaking, top color is heavy, the color is shallow is not advisable, this can give a person the feeling of heavy weight. If the top is plaid or striped, then the skirt should not be of the same kind, but should be a single color. On the other hand, if the skirt is a flower, then it should be matched with a plain shirt.

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