Orange is a warm color system warm color generally

Orange is a warm color system warm color generally gives a gorgeous, mature and vibrant impression. It is suitable for the achromatic color that matches the color of these warm colors. In addition to white and black, it is best to use camel, brown and brown. The color matching of clothing is divided into two categories, one is the contrast color matching, and the other is the coordinated color matching. Proposal can be used
The basic principle of clothing matching In general, the color of the top is deep, the color of the bottom is not desirable, which will give a top-heavy feeling. If the top is in a plaid or striped pattern, then the skirt is preferably not of the same type, but a single color. On the other hand, if the skirt is a flower, then the top should be fitted with a plain shirt. How to wear clothes, big green girls, ass, big hips, big clothes, matching skills. Oriental women generally have a large hip circumference. This type of body is generally called a pear shape. Women with large hips often have some minor annoyances in dressing. In fact, when you wear clothes, if you can grasp the characteristics of the body, wear the right clothes, the big hips can be generous, decent, beautiful.

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