posterior ratio is wider than the conventional

It is the shoulder belt, the side ratio, the posterior ratio is wider than the conventional one. It is better to collect, concentrate and upper upper body. It seems that the service life of the product is also slightly longer than the conventional ones, with the brands of cisschel, marmala, bea and leyte. These brands are good, comfortable, and the upper body is very good.
On the base of the ordinary bra, increase the width of the side ratio, the width of the chicken heart, increase the function of armpit and accessory milk, and the lower back u-shape cutting shoulder belt. In total gather bra than normal bra, wearing more comfortable, good solid, package, or through the love can I gather underwear is good, wear 2-3 years do not deformation, high cost performance.
Plastic-body clothes push the fat to the place that is not noticed

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