For example: should pay attention to where to pay attention to what can not be worn, how to match?
A: Different collocations for different issues Compared with women, most men are more obedient. Not only are they not good at changing themselves, they have not even changed their minds. Therefore, there will be jokes such as wearing a suit for an outing, wearing a sportswear to eat Western food. In fact, “familiarity” is equally important to men, or more important.
Red is the most beautiful black, white, and gray: the red dress is the easiest to match with white, and black is also one of the most suitable methods. The strong color contrast makes the red look more dazzling and fully highlights the red color. Passionate visual features. Gray is a very good transition color, can make the red look a little deeper, suitable for like
Light and black can also be used because black is a more versatile color, mainly to see what is light. For example, light coffee and black are good. Etc. There are some that are not very good. Pink is very black and can be matched. But the requirement for pink is relatively high. Usually, the glitter is better. Wait, if there are black shoes with light clothes, it’s best not to be too light.