Yellow belongs to the warm color system

Yellow belongs to the warm color system, symbolizes warmth, showily, joy, warm, vigor and wayward, authority, lively, high  yellow for riches  low of yellow is the  of spring is the most ideal, suitable for summer use lightness in yellow, and deep yellow, is the main color and shape. Black skin is unfavorable to wear bright clothes, wear black, white, blackish green, red, silver grey. White skin is more casual. In addition to appropriate collocation, black, yellow, appropriate collocation are together, the inside is white, can match any outside, inside black, wear yellow or red outside. Wear a beige red inside, outside. Green dress blue shoes don’t look good. Green, it is hard to match with other color combination, not easily give a person feel old or vulgar. The simplest the most flattering way is the whole body wear a green, the fresh light green or composed of blackish green, can let you pure and fresh and lively. If collocation, white, black is the most ideal choice, silver can also.

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