Slit skirts are not as conservative as hip skirts

Slit skirts are not as conservative as hip skirts, they just want to show long legs. Small slits are delightful, large slits are sexy, with front slits, back slits, and side slits. With simple T-shirts and shirts, they are fashionable and dazzling, with a little intellectual beauty! This oblique slit over the knee leather skirt also has a great effect on covering the meat, and the female hormones are rising, and it has a free and unrestrained taste. The fresh olive green and pleated pattern are the best fashion and extraordinary, which will make you retro in spring and autumn. The waist is designed with a zipper and a thin high-waisted A-shaped version, which modifies the slenderness of the waist and has a very texture. Even with a simple T-shirt, it will give you unlimited charm.

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